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Drunk driving accidents are about more than just driver liability—in some cases, the person who provided the driver with liquor could also be held liable for their part in the incident. Under Alabama’s dram shop liability laws, injured individuals have a right to pursue legal action against the individual or business that provided the driver with the substance that caused their intoxication, and thus contributed to the cause of the crash. If you were harmed in a drunk driving accident, you may be able to file a lawsuit under dram show liability laws.

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Understanding Alabama Dram Shop Liability Laws

When a bar, restaurant, or liquor store sells alcohol, they have a responsibility to ensure they only do so in a safe, lawful way. If any of these shops knowingly sells alcohol to a minor or to someone who already appears intoxicated, they could be found liable for the damage that driver later creates.

According to dram shop liability laws, someone who was injured by a drunk driver has the right to take legal action against the facility that allowed the driver’s intoxication to become dangerous. In other words, they can sue the bar that sold the driver liquor. As a result, the injured party could be eligible to receive compensation from the business.

Seeking Maximum Compensation After an Injury

Compensation in dram shop liability cases can include both “actual” and “exemplary” damages. Actual damages include the real costs of the incident, such as medical bills, the cost of ongoing medical care, loss of wages, and any damaged property. Exemplary damages, or punitive damages, on the other hand, are awarded when the judge is looking to punish the liable party by asking them to pay the injured person a fee for their carelessness.

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