Does Treatment Exist for Trauma?

When someone is injured as a result of an accident, it often comes with feelings of fear and anxiety any time they are in a similar position in the future. This is one of the conditions associated with trauma and it can be overwhelming. However, it’s important to know that there are various methods of therapy that can help with trauma.

Pursuing these treatment options can be very beneficial in overcoming the feelings that often impact an entire lifestyle. Trauma and the feelings that are associated with it can cause derealization, often impacting a person’s ability to do everyday actions such as drive or work. Here’s how therapy can help.


While medication cannot be used to get rid of the reactions of trauma completely, they are often beneficial in lessening the intensity and impact of the symptoms associated with it. A therapist can help you determine which medications may be best to use and whether or not they can help you in addition to other forms of therapy.


This type of therapy can include exposure therapy, which is facing the fear and memories of the event head-on. Typically, the patient would face the memory without the consequences in order to learn that the concerns are no longer warranted. When this type of therapy works, it can decrease the fear.


CBT teaches skills and knowledge regarding the trauma in an effort to correct the incorrect thoughts they may be having. Learning to manage anxiety, understanding trauma in a more thorough manner, and identifying irrational thoughts can all be tools used in CBT.


Many times, survivors of accidents cope with trauma by speaking with others who have had similar situations and experience the same anxiety. By speaking with others, individuals are able to rationalize their fears, knowing they’re not alone in the situation, and have support from individuals similar to them.

Treatment can be a long process, but it’s not impossible to cope with trauma. Make sure you’re taking the steps to explore your options and learn what is best for your situation.

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