Construction Collapse Leaves 5 Workers Injured

In a construction accident last Thursday, 5 workers fell 20 to 25 feet and sustained non-serious injuries. The accident took place at 12th Street in Tuscaloosa in the early work hours. According to the latest updates, none of the workers involved in the accident sustained any serious injuries.

The initial rescue effort was led by the Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service (TFRS). TFRS was notified that while working at the ground level of a building, the floor suddenly collapsed. 5 workers who were at the site then fell around 20 to 25 feet through a basement area.

Typically, building collapse accidents tend to be serious when a person becomes trapped under the debris. Fortunately, in this accident, none of the workers in the accident were trapped underneath the debris. This was also one of the reasons TFRS was able to evacuate the workers quickly and transport them to the DCH Regional Hospital for treatment.

Any injuries sustained during construction accidents are typically covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Alabama requires construction companies to cover workplace injuries with this insurance, although some legal exemptions may exist here. However, in the overwhelming majority of the cases where a construction worker is injured, the worker can seek workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical bills as well as any other associated costs.

Sometimes, construction companies or the insurers may balk at covering construction injuries. This is when we highly recommend that you see a workers’ compensation attorney in Alabama. A qualified attorney will not only seek a fair amount of compensation for your injury but will also help you provide the relevant evidence. This makes sure that your claim is finalized and approved quickly. It also prevents the insurers or construction companies from unnecessarily rejecting or disputing the claim.


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