Common Traffic Collision Causes In Winter

It is an unfortunate situation, but traffic collisionsare common on the roads. Even worse, when weather takes a turn and rain or snow come into play, there are even more factors that can lead to a serious collision. Understanding the most common causes of traffic collisions in the winter can help drivers prepare better for their trips, hopefully protecting them from potential collisions. While it’s not always guaranteed that you will avoid a collision, it can help you drive safer, limiting the chances.


While there are typical laws that restrict the way drivers operate their vehicles normally, when there are serious weather conditions, there are more considerations to take into account. Drivers must drive slower than the listed speed limits, stay further behind other vehicles, and avoid trying to split through traffic.


In order to ensure there is proper traction on the wet or icy roads, drivers need to check the tread on their tires. If the tread is worn down, it may leave the vehicle susceptible to losing control and possibly causing a traffic collision. Low tread can make it more difficult to turn when going certain speeds or brake properly when traffic calls for it.


When rain and snow fall, it can make it very difficult to see outside of the vehicle and watch the actions of other drivers on the road. This often means potential issues, especially when drivers are too close to each other or are not slowing down for the weather conditions.

When individuals are harmed as a result of negligence, our auto accident lawyers are here to help. At Hare Wynn, we know that the winter is a difficult time for people to drive on the road and there should be extra precautions taken. When drivers fail to do so, they should be held accountable for any damages they cause.

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