Cold Weather Driving and Potential Crashes

Imagine this: you are driving along on a cold winter day with snow falling. You are carefully operating your vehicle under the speed limit and you’re leaving enough room for the other vehicles in front of you to stop. All of a sudden, a car comes speeding next to you, loses control and causes a serious traffic collision. What happened? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence when weather gets cold and rain or snow begin to fall.

In the colder weather, it is extremely important for drivers to adhere to not only the laws on the road, but other understandings regarding how to drive in dangerous conditions. There are certain steps all drivers should take to protect themselves and others on the road.


While driving the speed limit is encouraged, if there is snow on the ground or the roads are wet, it may require you to drive slower than the speed limit to ensure control over the vehicle. Driving too fast can cause a driver to lose control, either spinning out or making it extremely difficult for the vehicle to brake in time.


In some situations when snow is on the road, the city may mandate certain vehicles to use tire chains in order to ensure traction. Without these, some vehicles may not be able to prevent from sliding on the road, even if they’re sitting at a light on a slant. Without chains, it’s possible for some vehicles to lose control and a traffic collision to occur with other nearby vehicles.


Traffic on the road is often worse at specific times, meaning more chances for a potential collision. When the weather is bad, this means even slower movement. Make sure you are giving yourself enough time on the road to travel to your destination and drive safely while you are at it. Rushing can make you panic or drive faster, leaving you and others vulnerable to a potential crash.

When others are on the road and driving negligently, your own caution is extremely important. It may not be possible to prevent a collision, but you can be prepared just in case. At Hare Wynn, our auto accident attorneys represent individuals who have been harmed by no fault of their own.

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