Car Seat Safety Tips: The Dos and Don’ts When it Comes to Car Seats in Alabama

If you have a child, it’s imperative that you use a car seat. Most new parents say the drive home from the hospital was the scariest of their lives. This is because they have precious cargo in the vehicle with them. Even experienced parents don’t always use car seats properly. In fact, experts say that more than half of all parents do not use car seats properly.

Not only do people use car seats the wrong way, but they also install them improperly. When you buy your car seat, you really need to read the instructions. If used properly, a car seat can reduce the risk of your child being injured in a car accident by more than 70%.

Here, we’ll talk about some of the most important tips when it comes to installing and using a car seat. You also want to check state law to see whether your child is required to still wear a seat belt. Not only can you get a ticket for not following the law, but your child’s health and safety are at risk.

What is the Law in Alabama Regarding Car Seats?

Like most other states, Alabama has certain laws when it comes to car seats. Generally speaking, any child under the age of 13 has to be in the back seat. They are not allowed to ride as a front-seat passenger until they are older than 13.

All toddlers under the age of 2 must be placed in rear-facing car seats. This provides them with the most protection. Once they are older than 2 or reach the height and weight maximums on the car seat’s instructions, they can start sitting in a front-facing car seat.

Children between the ages of 8 and 12 should still sit on a booster seat, locked in by the seat belts. This will keep them from being at risk of serious injury.

What Benefits Does a Car Seat Offer Your Child?

Some people think the only reason to use a car seat is to obey the law. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The main goal of using a car seat is to make sure your child is safe. If you get into an accident, a car seat can be the difference between your child living and dying.

Some of the benefits of using a car seat include the following:

  • It holds your child secure in the seat so they aren’t jostled when you make sharp turns or hit the brakes
  • It prevents your child from being ejected in the event of an accident
  • It absorbs the force of any impact. If you are in a car accident in Birmingham, the seat will prevent your child from suffering serious injuries.
  • It prevents your toddler from being crushed by other passengers. If you do get into a crash, you can end up having passengers fly all over the car. You don’t want them landing on your infant and crushing or suffocating them.

The fact is that a car seat can save your child’s life. You can only do so much when you’re the one driving. It’s nice to know that a car seat can help protect your child if, heaven forbid, anything happens.

Some Interesting Facts About Car Seats in Alabama

Sadly, more than half of all parents do not use their child’s car seats properly. They don’t install them right or they don’t use them right. This means their kids do not get the full benefit of the car seat. It’s critical that you read all the car seat’s instructions when you install a car seat. You also want to review them before you start using it.

If used properly, a car seat can save your child’s life. To do this, however, they need to be properly harnessed. This can be done using your seat belt or the lower anchors. The general rule is that the older and heavier your child gets, the more likely it is that you should use the lower anchors.

If Your Car Seat is Defective Call and Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham

If you get into an accident and your toddler is in the backseat, a car seat will go a long way to protect them. However, if your car seat is defective, your child can get hurt. If this happens, you may have a potential legal claim against the manufacturer. Call and talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Birmingham right away and schedule your free initial consultation.

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