Tests Reveal Ex-Astronaut Charged with DUI Wasn’t Drunk

In a case involving an ex-astronaut and a fatal car crash resulting in the death of two, the defense has now presented test results which show that the astronaut wasn’t drunk at the time.

The case involved a car crash that took place back in 2016. James Halsell, who formerly worked with NASA as a space shuttle commander rear-ended another vehicle on a rural road. The crash resulted in the death of two young sisters who were passengers in the other vehicle, while also seriously injuring their father and another woman.

Halsell told the police officers at the time that he had three glasses of wine. Officers were also able to recover a bottle of wine from his hotel room. Based on this evidence, Halsell was indicted with driving under the influence. Halsell had been previously arrested on a DUI charge in California two years before this accident. At the time, he had pleaded guilty.

However, the defense has now filed test results on his behalf which show that Halsell had no alcohol in his blood at the time. The tests have been conducted by the state and its results have been submitted to the court now.

The defense has also pleaded that the details of the California case should not be made available to the jurors to prevent emotional bias. According to the defense, knowledge of the case may cause jurors to rule against Halsell.

The prosecution, on the other hand, has argued that the California case must be known to jurors to show Halsell’s history of recklessness. Prosecution also cited the reports of the officers who heard first-hand from Halsell the admission that he had consumed alcohol before the accident took place. The next hearing for the case is scheduled for the last week of January and it remains to be seen what other arguments are presented by both sides.

Source: https://www.tuscaloosanews.com/news/20200110/defense-no-alcohol-in-fatal-crash-involving-ex-astronaut

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