Student from Colbert Heights Killed in Fatal Crash

A Colbert Heights student was killed in a fatal crash that took place last week. The incident took place on Monday, March 10. The community at the school, friends and family of the deceased student mourned the loss.

According to the detailed shared by the state troopers, the accident happened later on Monday. Authorities were notified about it at around 10 p.m. The student has been identified as Megan Gooch, 17, of Russellville.

Gooch was driving a 2001 Lexus at the time of the crash. For reasons that are not known yet, Gooch lost control of her vehicle while driving on Franklin 84. Just as she drove a few miles west of Russellville, her vehicle left the roadway. It then struck a roadside tree in a head-on collision at a high speed.

Gooch sustained critical injuries in the wreck. She succumbed to these injuries and was pronounced dead at the site of the crash once authorities arrived on the scene. There was one other passenger in the vehicle when the accident happened. The passenger has been identified as Brianna Agee, 17, of Tuscumbia. Agee is also related to Brown and is her cousin.

Agee also sustained serious injuries in the crash. Once EMS arrived, Agee was flown to the Huntsville Hospital to receive emergency treatment for her injuries. According to the latest reports, she is in stable condition and out of danger.

Following the incident, condolences and mourning began to pour from the school where Gooch studied. On Tuesday, the next day following the crash, Colbert Heights High School canceled all post-school activities that had been scheduled for the day. Friends and family of the deceased also came together to mourn the loss of Gooch and to hope and pray for the recovery of Agee.

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