Seven-Vehicle Crash Leaves Three Critically Injured

A multi-vehicle crash over the weekend past resulted in critical injuries to three. The crash took place last Saturday, November 9th, at about 10 a.m. It took place on Bessemer Road. The police were on a high-speed chase of a suspect with numerous felony warrants on him.

In an attempt to escape the police, the suspect accelerated through a red light at the Five Points West intersection. It was while accelerating through the intersection that the suspect crashed into another motorist. The sheer impact of the crash quickly involved other vehicles. In all, seven vehicles were affected by the crash, with most of the vehicles involved sustaining significant damage.

The suspect’s vehicle was the one to sustain the heaviest damage. The force of the impact ejected the passenger through the vehicle’s windshield. The suspect who was driving the vehicle also sustained serious injuries. The third person to incur critical injuries in the wake of the accident was a passing motorist whose vehicle was hit in the crash.

In the wake of the crash, the three critically injured people, as well as another person, were transported to the UAB Hospital’s Trauma Center by the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service. On Tuesday, the police were still investigating the accident and had yet to complete the police report, given the number of vehicles and victims involved.

At the time of the crash, Sheriff’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team of the Jefferson County, also known as SNET, was on the chase of the suspect. Previous felony charges that exist against the suspect involve theft and drug crimes. It was after the suspect had evaded the authorities for a few moments when he attempted to speed through a red light in a bid to make good the escape. The law enforcement and rescue agencies in the vicinity rushed to the site to help the injured victims.

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