Police Identify Speed a Contributing Factor in Fatal Car Crash

Authorities have identified speed as a contributing factor in a car crash that killed 3 teens on the Christmas Eve. The accident involved a total of five passengers, with three fatalities and another passenger severely injured.

The Christmas night crash left three families in grief and sorrow who lost their loved ones in the crash. The three victims who died in the crash were identified as Addyson Martin, Emilee Fain and Cassidy Dunn. The three were close friends and on the same cheerleading team. At the time of the crash, Addyson was driving the car while both Fain and Dunn sat on the other front seat. In the wake of the crash, authorities had been investigating as to probable causes of the accident.

Geneva police Lt. Michael McDuffie has now revealed that alcohol, drugs or distracted driving didn’t play any role in the crash. Instead, speed has been identified as a factor that probably contributed to the accident. The police had previously surmised that Addyson may have swerved the vehicle to save a deer on the road. However, further investigations revealed that there were no brake signs or skid marks on the road to support this surmise.

The posted speed limit in the area where the accident happened was 25mph. According to Lt. McDuffie, the sport-utility vehicle was going at a speed well above this limit when the accident happened. Addyson apparently lost control of the vehicle as it went over the hill. The vehicle then ran off the road and crashed into the trees.

In addition to the three friends who lost their lives in the crash, the vehicle also had another two passengers in the back seat. Of these, one was seriously injured while the other sustained non-serious injuries.

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Source: https://mynbc15.com/news/local/alabama-police-speed-a-factor-in-crash-that-killed-3-teens

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