Police Identifies Victim Who Died in Pond Crash

Police have identified the victim who died in a pond crash last week. According to the details shared by the Alabama state troopers, the victim has been identified as Lauren Moore, 25, of Fort Rucker.

The incident took place last Thursday when Moore apparently crashed the vehicle into a pond. The police are still not able to confirm the time of the day when the incident occurred. It happened close to the Highway 84 somewhere between Bay Springs and Wicksburg.

Moore was driving a red Acura when it veered off the Highway and ended in the pool. The front of the recovered vehicle was damaged. It was only on Friday morning that the authorities were notified of the accident. Moore died in the crash and her body was recovered along with the vehicle by the authorities.

A number of agencies participated in the rescue effort to remove the vehicle and the body from the pond. These efforts were led by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office. Other agencies that assisted include Wicksburg Fire & Rescue and the Houston County Rescue Unit. The law enforcement officers worked to gather relevant evidence and reconstruct the incident to better understand how it took place in the first place.

Alabama state troopers initially withheld the identity of the victim. Once the family of the victim had been notified, Houston County Coroner Robert Byrd revealed the name. Investigations are still ongoing to determine the cause of the incident. Police have not confirmed so far whether or not alcohol-related impairment is a factor.

It is also possible that another vehicle was involved in the incident, although state troopers have not revealed whether they are considering this angle. Subsequent investigations are expected to reveal what caused the accident and whether the negligence of the driver or another party was involved.

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Source: https://www.dothanfirst.com/news/top-stories/one-killed-after-car-drives-into-pond-on-highway-84/

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