New Study Shows For-Profit Nursing Home Residents Experience More Neglect

Published in Gerontology, the study from the University of Illinois-Chicago shows that those who received care at for-profit facilities were nearly twice as likely to suffer health problems derived from inadequate care compared to patients in not-for-profit homes. Residents of the former were diagnosed with more clinical signs of neglect and the conditions of these nursing homes were more inferior.

Researchers evaluated the medical records of almost 1,150 seniors who sought treatment at five hospitals in Chicago. Patients who were included in the study had visited these hospitals between 2007 and 2011 for mild to severe health conditions which could be attributed to inadequate care.

The researchers used the Clinical Signs of Neglect Scale (CSNS) to measure medical conditions associated with inferior care and health outcomes among elder patients in for-profit facilities, nonprofit facilities, and private residences. Approximately 24 conditions are listed on the scale, ranging from mild conditions like dehydration to more serious problems like significant bed sores.

However, the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living claims the results of the study are inaccurate.


Neglect is a common concern in nursing homes throughout the United States. Patients must be given access to basic needs, such as constant supervision, food and water, baths, restroom visits, and proper medical care. Denying such care is considered illegal.

One of the most common forms of neglect in nursing facilities is emotional and social neglect. Some instances of neglect occur because of understaffing or overcrowding, while other cases involve intentional neglect.

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