Hare Wynn Protects Arkansas School Teacher From Deceptive Billing Practices

If you have insurance, you make monthly premium payments to your insurer. This gives you access to coverage beyond what you pay to cover any illness or accident covered under the policy – or so they say.

One of our clients, Jessica Mounce, was injured in a car accident. She received a settlement from the at-fault driver, and filed a claim under her insurer – the same insurer she had been making payments to, month by month, for a while.

This is how it’s supposed to work. But the hospital, Northwest Medical Center in Arkansas, refused to file the claim on her behalf. Instead, they wanted a piece of the settlement she received – and put a lien on it and turned Jessica over to collections.

Now, Hare Wynn is suing Northwest Medical Center with a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Jessica to stop the hospital from these deceptive trade practices. The hospital made it known that it would bill health insurers if the patient has health insurance – but they violated that representation by trying to collect from the settlement.

We’re attempting to stop hospitals from this unfair practice. Other states have taken action, but Arkansas offers no provision or protection for patients from what hospital systems all across the country are doing.

We encourage anyone who is experiencing similar problems to contact a lawyer in Arkansas, their legislators, the state Attorney General’s office, and the Better Business Bureau.

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