Hare Wynn Founder Inducted into National Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame

Francis Hare (1904-1983) was inducted into the National Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame at a special event during the annual National Trial Lawyers Summit held in Miami Beach.

Throughout American history, exceptional trial lawyers have exceeded the expectations of the public and their peers by clearly establishing themselves, through their practice, as true champions and crusaders for American justice.

To honor these legendary trial lawyers, the National Trial Lawyers Association established the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame. Each year, the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame recognizes and honors these few remarkable individuals, both past and present, who have left an indelible mark on the American legal tradition through a lifetime of service to the American public, the Constitution, and the American trial bar.

“In a career that spanned 57 years, Mr. Hare worked tirelessly to convince the best and brightest lawyers he could find that advocacy for the injured plaintiff was the noblest of causes,” said Leon Ashford, the firm’s managing partner.

“Through seminars, continuing legal education, the preparation of law journals, newsletters and countless speeches around the country, Mr. Hare led, inspired and mentored thousands of lawyers to see the plaintiffs’ practice as a high calling and justice as a system that should serve to protect all people equally, especially those who have suffered harms and losses.”

Among the earliest lawyers in the U.S. to solely represent injured individuals, Francis Hare was highly regarded as an innovative trial tactician, respected leader and founder of the Alabama Trial Lawyers Association, and president of the Alabama State Bar (1949-1950).

Throughout a 57-year legal career from which he never fully retired, Francis Hare’s unique approach to his profession left a permanent impact on the system of justice he so faithfully served.

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