Which Driver Is Liable for a Merging Accident?

Whether you’re trying to navigate a crowded freeway for your morning commute or just driving around town, you may be at risk of a merging accident – especially when the other drivers are changing lanes too rapidly around you. Aside from causing significant property damage, merging accidents can leave you with painful physical injuries and scars.

Of course, it can also be difficult to decide who is liable for a merging accident, since there may be many factors and parties involved in the crash. When you need answers, you can trust our Birmingham car accident attorneys at Hare Wynn to uncover the truth. Our legal team has over a century of experience, and we’re committed to helping you recover compensation after a serious merging accident.

Why Do Merging Accidents Happen?

Because merging collisions happen all too often, drivers are legally required to signal their intention to change lanes for at least three full seconds, and then check their mirrors carefully as they proceed. In spite of this legal requirement, thousands of lane changing accidents still happen every year – particularly in crowded urban areas and on congested highways.

Here are a few of the most common causes for a merging accident:

  • Failing to signal a lane change
  • Cutting off other vehicles too quickly
  • Taking too long to merge onto the freeway
  • Swerving across multiple lanes
  • Failing to account for incoming traffic on a packed freeway

Understanding Liability for Lane Changes

Typically, the individual who merges lanes – or fails to merge lanes correctly – will be considered liable for the accident. But there are plenty of exceptions to this rule, as the non-merging driver could also have caused the accident through negligence. For example, if you were signaling a proper lane change right as someone else cuts into the same space, you could argue that their actions constituted negligence.

Because there are so many possible causes for a merging accident, your attorney will need to investigate the exact circumstances of your crash thoroughly. With the experience and legal knowledge to prepare your case for trial, our legal team at Hare Wynn will explore all the possibilities, and hold the right party accountable on your behalf.

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