Alabama: Man Dies of Vaping-Related Illness

Vaping and e-cigarettes like JUUL have long been touted as healthy alternatives to tobacco smoking. More recently, however, vaping has come under increased scrutiny by the authorities. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been spearheading the investigation as cases like the one in Alabama continue to come in as a man dies of vaping-related illness.

In a more recent case, the Alabama Department of Health (ADH) has issued a statement citing the first recoded vaping-related death in the state. The statement was issued on October 1. Although ADH has not divulged details of the case, it has claimed that the death was caused by a vaping-related lung disease.

This coincides with an increased incident of vaping-related injuries and illnesses across the United States. In the state of Alabama alone, 19 individuals are currently being investigated for vaping-related illnesses. Of these, it has been confirmed that 4 individuals have illnesses caused by e-cigarettes. Another 9 are very likely to reach the confirmation stage soon. The recent death caused by vaping is the first recorded death from vaping in Alabama.

At the national level, CDC has received 805 reports of vaping-related cases so far. A number of deaths purportedly caused by vaping have also been reported. The agency is currently investigating the matter.

In the last few years, vaping companies such as JUUL have become multi-billion dollar giants. One of the key reasons behind such wild success has been a persistent claim: that vaping is safer than smoking. However, with more and more vaping-related illnesses being reported, this claim is no longer true.

It is not surprising that a number of lawsuits have been launched against companies like JUUL. Personal injury lawsuits are popping up against e-cigarette companies as such companies had been marketing their products under false claims. As a consequence, they can be directly held liable for the injuries, illnesses and fatalities caused by their products.

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