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Sentence in Case of Two-Year-Old’s Death Creates Scuffle at Court

On Thursday, the Jefferson County Courthouse passed judgment in a case involving the death of a two-year-old toddler. The tragic death took place in 2017. The toddler, Levi Pointer, was caring for the 21-year-old D’Lonta Melton at the time. Melton reportedly contacted the paramedics for help who rushed to the site and found the two-year-old in severe distress. Pointer later died, succumbing to her injuries from what has been found to be a hit or trauma to the head. The sentence in case of two-year-old’s death creates scuffle at court.

Melton was sentenced to twenty years in prison in the court’s judgment. A number of people supporting Melton as well as the charges against him were present at the site. The judgment caused a scuffle at the courthouse as both sides grappled with each other and the police officers had to escort them to their vehicles.

The case is contentious because Pointer’s mother, Khadijah Turner, has been open in her support for Melton, who was her boyfriend at the time of the incident. She has repeatedly claimed that Melton would never harm her daughter. Pointer’s grandmother, on the other hand, has been pleading with the court for a maximum sentence.

During the proceedings of the case, Melton has been unable to prove his innocence. He maintains that he stumbled while holding the toddler which caused the fatal injury. Others in his support also maintain that Melton is not someone who would hurt anyone, let alone a child.

Melton was booked with reckless manslaughter last month. Alabama law defines reckless manslaughter as the death of someone through indifference and utter negligence of another person. The sentence for the charge carries prison time of 2 to 20 years. In this case, the court has sided with the demands of the toddler’s grandmother and slapped a maximum sentence on Melton.

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