What are the Regulations of the Trucking Industry and How Do They Affect Truck Accident Claims?

Truck overturned on highway after accident

In the trucking industry, where professionals are expected to meet a higher standard, there are numerous regulations to which drivers, owners, and more must adhere. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and individuals may suffer harm as a result.

Knowing what regulations exist and how violations can impact a truck accident claim is very important. Here are some of the regulations, how they can be violated, and what can happen to someone on the road when these matters turn disastrous:

Weight Limits

In many cases, the weight limit for a tractor-trailer is 80,000 pounds. The combination of the tractor, the trailer, and all cargo cannot exceed this amount—and the cargo must be loaded evenly. When a truck exceeds the weight limits, it increases the potential of jackknifing or rolling over. Overloaded cargo can also make it more difficult for the truck to stop on a downhill or when traffic suddenly stops.

Hours of Service Regulations

In order to deter truck drivers from operating their vehicles while fatigued, there are federal regulations that dictate the exact number of consecutive hours and days a driver may work. The Hours of Service regulations also detail sleeper berth provisions, how long breaks must be, and more.

When these regulations are violated, a driver may fall asleep at the wheel, losing control of their vehicle, and potentially causing a disaster on the road.

Inspections and Maintenance

Trucks must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure there are no serious issues that could potentially cause a crash. Should the driver or company identify a problem, maintenance must be performed to ensure there are no dangers.

It’s important to for the company and drivers to check brakes, steering systems, engine, tire tread and pressure, and more.

Should regulations be violated, it is considered negligence and any person injured in an accident can work to hold the liable party accountable. It is imperative to hire a truck accident attorney who can help you understand your rights.

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