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Welcome to part two of our three-part series regarding burn injuries. These blogs are designed to help you understand all you need to know about burn injuries and their causes, degrees, and the overall impact they can have on your life.

Part two of our series details the various degrees of burn injuries, all of which characterize the severity of these types of damages. Our blog is dedicated to informing and educating potential victims of burn injuries.


First degree burns are the more common burn types because they are the least severe. However, they do happen and they should be taken seriously. These often only impact the outer layer of the skin, leaving it red and painful.

There should not be any long-term damage and there shouldn’t be any blisters.


These types of burns go deeper than the outer layer of the skin to the dermis, causing damage to both layers. Second degree burns result in blisters and the skin will appear bright red and swollen, even hurting to the touch.

Under the category of second degree burns, you may have either superficial burns or deep partial thickness burns. Deep partial thickness burns can cause scarring while superficial burns only damage part of the dermis.


These are some of the most serious types of burns because they are full thickness burns. Whereas second degree burns slightly damage the outer layer of skin and the dermis, third degree burns completely destroy both layers. The skin may appear black, brown, yellow, or white.

The damage can reach the nerve endings, so the individual won’t feel the pain.

There are also fourth degree burns that could be considered life-threatening as they damage all layers of the skin. These types of burns can also damage the bones, tendons, and muscles.

These burn injuries are very serious and when negligence comes into play as the cause of the harm, our burn injury attorneys are dedicated to helping those injured seek compensation and justice. We know who can be held liable in these types of situations and we work hard to guide our clients through the complex legal matters.

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