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For many people, the idea of going through the legal process may seem like more than they want to deal with or endure. They may feel as though their case isn’t worth it and that they will endure more harm than good.

For others, they feel as though that injured individuals are only looking for compensation, but this isn’t the case. Compensation isn’t just a way to hold a negligent party accountable. Catastrophically injured individuals need the compensation to help move forward.

Here’s how compensation can help.


The medical expenses associated with a catastrophic injury can be exorbitant, as well as long lasting. The medical treatment needed for something so serious may weigh on the injured party and his or her family.

These bills can pile up quickly, causing serious concern for the family when all they should be focused on is physical recovery and well-being.


Something as serious as a catastrophic injury can cause someone to miss work for an extended period of time. This means missing out on valuable income that is much needed as medical bills start to pile up and the expenses get higher.

Compensation for physical pain can cover lost income that you would have received had you been able to work in the same capacity as before the injury.


Many people forget about the emotional distress and trauma that is often associated with suffering a catastrophic injury. For some injured parties, the thought of the accident alone is enough to prevent them from completing daily tasks.

These are considered non-economic damages in catastrophic injury cases because there is no direct monetary value associated with mental anguish.

Compensation is very helpful in moving forward for an injury victim. However, it’s not the only reason to take legal action against a negligent party. You can also seek justice, forcing the reckless party to accept liability for the damages they have caused.

It’s important to have a skilled catastrophic injury attorney on your side who is dedicated to protecting your rights. At Hare Wynn, we have the knowledge, experience and dedication necessary to put your best interests as our top priority and seek the compensation you need and deserve.

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