Painting with Purpose: Hare Wynn Partners with Birmingham- Based Metro Changers to Change Lives

The Birmingham based law firm of Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton teamed up with a local non-profit to complete much needed work on to an Ensley home last week – making it habitable again for the elderly owners. Displaced by a leaking roof and subsequent damage, Shelia Parks and her husband, have been staying at their adult daughters home for the last two months, unable to afford the repairs needed to get them back into their home – the home Parks has lived in since 1962, when she was just child.

“I am so very grateful for the organizations who have stepped up to help our family,” said Parks. “If it weren’t for these volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to get back into our house- the house I was raised in, and then raised my own children in. We are so blessed – these folks have become like family to us.”

Hare Wynn provided 30 volunteers throughout the week of Oct. 29, working in 4-hour shifts and completed the exterior work by Friday, Nov. 2.

“When the opportunity presented itself, we knew we had to get involved to help this family,” said Hare Wynn partner, Don McKenna. “Hare Wynn’s tagline is ‘Lawyers Helping People’ – to us, it’s more than a tagline – it’s a mantra. We take it seriously. We are grateful for organizations like Metro Changers who help us get plugged in to the needs in our community.”

Incorporated in 2007, Metro Changers is a 501(c)3 that utilizes volunteers to improve housing for low-income residents of Birmingham by improving the housing conditions for those in the Birmingham community who are most in need: low-income, the elderly, those with disabilities, people with health problems, and veterans or spouses of veterans.

Approximately 60 percent of Metro Changers funding comes from the City of Birmingham Community Development Office. The remaining 40 percent comes from churches, corporations, foundations and private donors.

Only six percent of the funds received are used for operations, leaving 94 percent total value to homeowners in labor and materials. It is estimated that Metro Changers contributed more than $10 million in value since 2007 on repairs and improvements to homes throughout the city.

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