How Does Cerebral Palsy Impact a Child's Life?

All birth injuries are serious. However, there are few as common as cerebral palsy is and the long-term impact can be dangerous for the child. There are various symptoms that often mean serious problems down the road regarding the way the brain communicates with the muscles.

Understanding how this developmental issue can affect a person’s life is important for parents so they know what is needed to move forward in the most comfortable manner possible. These are just some of the ways that a child may be impacted.

When a Baby is Younger than 6 Months

For babies younger than six months of age, there are a number of different signs that you may want to look out for, including the baby having an overly stiff or floppy feeling. There may be some head lagging when picked up by the parent.

The baby may also stiffen when you pick him or her up and overextending his or her back. This may be a sign of long-term developmental delays and trouble with the child’s communication from their brain to their muscles.

When a Baby is Between 6 and 10 Months

Some of the signs that a baby may experience between 6 and 10 months include the inability to roll over in either direction or bringing his or her hands together. The baby may not be able to bring their hands to their mouth or reaching out with only one hand while keeping their other one in a fist.

When a Baby Is Older than 10 Months

Your baby may crawl in a position where he or she is lopsided and it may appear as though the baby is pushing off of just one hand and leg while the opposite hand and leg appear to be dragging. Your baby may also scoot around without crawling on all fours.

At Hare Wynn, our birth injury attorneys have a firm understanding of how difficult it can be to go through such a difficult time. Enduring something such as cerebral palsy is never easy physically, mentally, and financially.

We work hard to help making things as simple as possible during the legal process so you can focus on your family. Let us handle the complex matters and seek the most favorable outcome possible on your behalf.

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