5 Ways to Cope with Trauma After a Crash

Trauma After a CrashMany people are aware of the physical damages that are often the result of crashes such as head injuries, broken bones, and more.

However, it is often the emotional trauma associated with the accident that is more difficult to cope with over the long haul. Coping with trauma can be difficult, but here are five tips that can help.

1. Research Trauma and Know What Causes Your Anxiety

The anxiety associated with trauma is often caused by various triggers. Understanding what trauma is and how it impacts you specifically is important to understanding how to cope with it. Learn what triggers the anxiety such as specific sounds, sights, or smell. Once you recognize the cause of your anxiety, you can work to overcome them.

2. Avoid Encountering Your Triggers

While working to overcome triggers, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible to avoid allowing them to control your emotions. For instance, if the sound of a honking horn is a trigger for you, recognize ways to avoid the sound and stay clear of areas where something can evoke thoughts of the crash.

3. Build a Support System

One of the strongest resources you have is the people around you and those who are there to support you. Have people you can talk to about your anxiety and who can give you peace of mind should anxiety hit. Your family and friends, as well as support groups of people experiencing the same conditions, can be very helpful during this time.

4. Know How to Relax

Anxiety often causes individuals to panic or go into a state of derealization. Knowing how to relax and focus on other, more calming factors can be important. Use relaxation exercise, meditation, music, or various activities to help occupy your mind when you feel fear and anxiety.

5. Speak with a Therapist

There are various methods of therapy that can help with the anxiety caused by trauma and it’s helpful to learn them. A therapist can help you get to the root of the problem and find the most effective ways for you to overcome various situations triggering the feelings of anxiety.

Don’t feel embarrassed by the feelings you have regarding the trauma. They are completely normal to experience after an accident. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the anxiety, but using these methods can help lessen the feeling as time moves forward.


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