Ensuring You're Using Safe Products

safety complianceAny time you go to the store, you don’t think about whether or not the items you are purchasing are safe. After all, consumer products are supposed to go through rigorous testing in order to ensure safety. However, this doesn’t always happen and some products are released into the public without going through the proper process. Items are approved to go on the market despite clear and present dangers.

Unfortunately for consumers, the dangers do not always come with warnings. So how do you know that the item you are purchasing is safe for you and your family? Here are some things you may want to consider first.


You can check online for any recalls that may have been posted regarding items, foods, and other consumer products. These recalls most often signify that there is some kind of problem with the item that poses a danger to the public.

Recalls are often issued because:

  • Products don’t meet the flammability standards
  • Manufacturing errors caused potential hazards
  • Foods may be contaminated with bacteria

In any case, checking recalls prior to making a purchase can save you and your family from potential health issues.

Customer Reviews

While they’re not foolproof, customer reviews can typically give you a good idea of how safe a product is. If there are plenty of reviews provided regarding a potential danger with the item, odds are it is not a coincidence. Many people will report any problems they have had with the product and if it could cause harm, it’s best to stay away from it.

Manufacturers have a duty to ensure consumers are safe from danger. They must either properly design and manufacture an item without dangerous elements, or provide a warning regarding the danger and instruction for safe use. If they cause harm due to the product’s defect, they may be considered liable for damages.

At Hare Wynn, we represent injured individuals in a wide array of personal injury matters. We know how difficult it can be to suffer an injury because of an unsafe product and we’re here to look after our clients’ best interests.

If you’ve been injured, call us today and learn how we may be able to help you.


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