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Brain injuries; they’re some of the most dangerous and damaging types of injuries a person can sustain. They often result in a lifetime of medical treatments, rehabilitation, numerous changes in lifestyle, and more.

Victims of traumatic brain injuries caused by negligence-related accidents have rights to seek legal action against the responsible party. Understanding the severity of these injuries and how they are categorized is important.


The first category of traumatic brain injuries are those that are mild. These are typically the most common and may be identified by a brief loss of consciousness. Loss of consciousness doesn’t always occur, but there may be slight disorientation or confusion.

Typically, brain scans won’t show much out of the ordinary, but they should still be looked at closely to ensure there is not significant damage, especially if a concussion is present.


Moderate TBIs are typically associated with loss of consciousness that lasts a few hours, but it can also impact the victim for weeks. Some complications can last months or even be permanent.

The complications the victim experiences can include physical damage, cognitive issues, and behavioral or developmental problems. There are treatment options to help with moderate traumatic brain injuries.


A severe traumatic brain injury is typically associated with an open head injury where significant damage is done to the skull and brain. However, there are closed head injuries that can lead to a severe traumatic brain injury.

These are life-threatening injuries that—if survived—can lead to loss of cognitive abilities and behavioral changes. After severe TBIs, the victim may be in a vegetative state or in a coma.

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