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We already know that there are a number of immediate effects of a traumatic brain injury that can change an injured individual’s life. However, there are also long-term impacts that should be considered when determine whether or not to take legal action.

Pursuing legal action can help with the long-term impact that you may experience. Here are some things that may be endured as a result of a serious traumatic brain injury and what you can do to help improve your situation:


Immediately following a traumatic brain injury, the expenses begin to pile up. There are medical expenses that must be taken care of, lost income from the inability to work, and more.

Long-term, however, there are other expenses that will most likely arise. This can include things such as changes to lifestyle, medical equipment needed at home, in-home care, and rehabilitation or therapy costs to help recover.

Medications and ongoing treatment options may also be necessary, only adding to the expenses.


Loss of ability is a general sentiment because those suffering from serious traumatic brain injuries often lose their ability to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. This may include developmental issues and simple cognitive abilities.

They may be unable to have full conversations, identify people or items, or do some of the things they enjoyed before the injury. For younger individuals who sustain a TBI, it may halt their emotional and intellectual development.


For those who have suffered a TBI, one of the most important things is understanding what options they have. After all, the long-term impact of a traumatic brain injury can be daunting to experience on your own. As such, they need help getting the resources necessary to regain quality of life.

This means taking legal action to seek compensation for the damages sustained and our traumatic brain injury attorneys are here to help.

At Hare Wynn, we utilize over a century of experience to help our clients right the wrongs they have experienced. We put your needs and best interests first, always working to secure the outcome you deserve.

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