Congratulations John Haley

Hare Wynn would like to congratulate John Haley for being inducted into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers at their annual meeting in Santa Barbara, California tomorrow. The current members at Hare Wynn are Alex Newton, Leon Ashford, Jim Pratt and Shay Samples.

The International Academy of Trial Lawyers is limited to 500 fellows under the age of 70. With high standards for admission and a very thorough nomination process, the IATL looks for outstanding skills and extensive experience as a trial lawyer, unimpeachable personal and professional character, integrity and honesty in each nominee. Furthermore, nominees are evaluated by their colleagues and the judges before whom they have appeared.

The Academy’s purposes are to promote reforms in the law, facilitate the Administration of Justice, promote the Rule of Law internationally and elevate the standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession.

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