Hare Wynn Client Featured in USA Today

A longstanding mission of the Hare Wynn law firm has been to improve products and procedures to make our communities safer. We have seen numerous men, women and children suffer greatly due to instruments and sponges being left behind during surgery. Those foreign objects left in the body can lead to devastating infections, organ loss, life altering permanent injuries and even death. These “never events” occur at an alarming frequency across the country. Matt Minner, a Hare Wynn partner who has seen the harmful effects these retained foreign objects cause, states that, “the technology exists to prevent these harms from ever occurring and there is no legitimate reason for that radio frequency technology not to be in every major hospital or surgery center in the country. Patient safety should always come first and the cost of its implementation is minor when compared to the potential harm to the patient and the financial and public image cost to the facility that accompanies litigation.”

Hare Wynn is proud to be making a difference in this fight to protect our families and communities and to prevent stories like those described in the article from occurring in the future.

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