1 Dead in Crash Involving Mobile County School Bus

In a crash that took place in Mobile, one man sustained serious injuries and died on the spot. The accident took in the early hours of Thursday morning.

According to the Mobile Police Department, the accident involved an SUV and a bus that belongs to the Mobile County Public School. The accident took place at the intersection of the Government Street and Michigan Avenue in Mobile. It happened when the driver of the SUV attempted to overtake the school bus. The bus was taking a legal turn at the time from the Michigan Avenue onto the Government Street. While overtaking the bus, the SUV driver lost control of the vehicle. This is when the accident took place.

A spokesperson for the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department stated that at least two people had been hospitalized in the wake of the accident. Of these, one was transported to a local hospital in a private vehicle. Another person was rushed in an ambulance to the University Hospital.

The details of the accident are still forthcoming. For now, the authorities have confirmed one fatality, that of the SUV driver. It is expected that no one else has sustained any serious injuries in the crash. This involves the schoolchildren present in the school bus at the time. As per the police, the children sustained only minor injuries and were relatively safe.

According to the photos of the accident shared so far by the authorities, the SUV was badly crushed in the collision. This is probably what caused the immediate death of the driver. The school bus, on the other hand, sustained some damage to its front. Authorities are still investigating the crash to better reconstruct and understand it. The evidence so far points to a hasty attempt at overtaking the school bus as the likely cause of the crash.

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Source: https://www.fox10tv.com/news/mobile_county/killed-as-vehicle-strikes-mobile-county-school-bus-mpd-says/

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