Birmingham Toxic Tort Attorneys

When toxic substances contaminate the air, soil, or groundwater, the results can be incredibly harmful for the public. Often, substances that are originally believed to be safe for humans turn out to be harmful, or dangerous substances accidentally make their way into the public water supply or into the ground. When this occurs, individuals can suffer a wide range of detrimental consequences, including illness, injury, and in severe cases, death.  At Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, our toxic tort attorneys have extensive experience handling these types of cases nationwide. Our firm was involved in some of the earliest contamination cases and has since handled environmental litigation related to all types of contamination including water, soil, air, and the direct contamination of individuals.


Toxic torts are often incredibly complex. Building a strong case relies on extensive preparation and investigation into the type of toxic substance involved, the way in which individuals were exposed to the substance, and the resulting illnesses and/or injuries. Each case is unique, as individuals are typically affected differently after being exposed to a toxic substance. That being said, however, certain elements of toxic torts extended across various types of claims.

When building your case, our toxic tort lawyers work to:

  • Establish the connection between your illness/injuries and exposure to a toxic substance
  • Prove liability for the release, whether accidental or intentional, of the substance in question
  • Obtain reliable witness accounts/statements and uncover other relevant evidence
  • Analyze available scientific evidence and studies that support your case
  • Answer your questions and keep you updated on the ongoing status of your case

In addition to our firm’s legal experience, we have relationships with researchers, engineers, healthcare providers and scientists who have significant expertise in fields associated with toxic contamination. Our firm also has in-house support staff who are experienced in data collection, storage, extraction, and technical support critical to succeed in toxic contamination cases. Currently, Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP is involved in the PFC litigation, a toxic contamination case involving discharges of likely carcinogens into soil and water in North Alabama.

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