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Lawsuits against Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals for the drug Pradaxa continue to grow as deaths mount. Have you experienced severe injuries, damages, or the death of a loved one from the use of Pradaxa? Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP understands your frustration. Reach out to us today to discuss filing a Birmingham Pradaxa lawsuit.

At Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP, we can help you recover damages including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Pain and suffering

It is the legal responsibility of pharmaceutical companies to produce safe and effective drugs. Drug companies should be held liable if they produce medications that endanger the health of patients. Contact our drug injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

What are the Negative Side Effects of Pradaxa?

Produced by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Pradaxa is a direct thrombin inhibitor used to prevent blood clot formation and thin blood. This medication is prescribed to patients with atrial fibrillation. It is an anticoagulant that helps in the treatment of pulmonary embolisms.

Taken orally, Pradaxa has been prescribed to millions of patients to help reduce the risk of strokes. Before the FDA’s approval of Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate in 2010, Coumadin (warfarin) had been used as the primary blood thinner for nearly 60 years. Within a year after its approval, the FDA received more than 3,781 reports of adverse effects. Here are some side effects that victims reported from the use of this medication:

Fatigue and Dizziness

Patients consuming Pradaxa medications usually suffer from sudden faintness due to internal bleeding within their bodies. You should seek medical assistance immediately if you experience dizziness or faintness after taking any anticoagulant.

Review your Birmingham Pradaxa lawsuit with our attorneys today.

Unexplained Bruising

Pradaxa can cause bruising after blood vessels rupture. Patients have reported unexplained bruising even though they didn’t injure themselves.

Discolored Urine

Pink, brown, or red urine may be a sign of bleeding. Dark-colored urine may indicate that blood has traveled through the kidneys for expulsion through urine.


Pradaxa is designed to prevent stroke. Nonetheless, it may lead to ischemic hemorrhaging of the brain. If doctors are unable to stop the bleeding, patients may suffer permanent brain damage.

Heart Failure

Pradaxa may cause blood vessels within the heart to rupture. This, in turn, leads to a heart attack or congestive heart failure.

Allergic Reactions

Some people have reported experiencing allergic reactions after using Pradaxa, including itching, rashes, and hives. Patients also experience trouble breathing and swelling of the tongue and face.

Excessive Bleeding

Pradaxa-related uncontrolled bleeding can cause serious injuries or death. Most anticoagulants or blood thinners have the potential to cause bleeding. However, bleeding associated with Pradaxa may be uncontrollable. Patients may experience heavy menstrual bleeding after taking Pradaxa.

In 2015, an antidote to Pradaxa called Praxbind was introduced to reverse the fatal bleeding. The FDA granted full approval for Praxbind in 2018. It is now used to treat some cases of excessive bleeding.

If you experience any of these side effects, you should contact a Birmingham Pradaxa lawyer. At Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP, we can help you file a Birmingham Pradaxa lawsuit to hold all liable parties accountable.

Has Pradaxa Been Recalled?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recalled Pradaxa to date. Nonetheless, the FDA issued warnings in 2011to medical experts about the severe side effects of taking Pradaxa. It warned patients that missing doses or impromptu stopping medication risks increasing their chances of blood clots or strokes.

The drug Pradaxa is still on the market despite over a thousand deaths. The manufacturer has not taken this drug off the market. In 2012, a specific batch of Pradaxa was recalled by Boehringer Ingelheim. According to the German pharmaceutical company, the recalled 75 mg capsules had a packaging defect. The firm warned there was a risk of moisture entry into the damaging bottle, potentially harming the drug.

Are There Lawsuits Pending Against Manufacturers of Pradaxa?

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against Boehringer Ingelheim all over the US for using deceptive marketing techniques to promote Pradaxa. The company promised users a safer and more effective alternative to Coumadin. It was later discovered that Pradaxa had equal or higher internal bleeding risks. The drugmaker also misrepresented Pradaxa as a treatment that didn’t require check-ups, dosage adjustments, and lab testing.

Severe bleeding and other side effects began emerging soon after Pradaxa was rolled out to the market. Thousands of Pradaxa lawsuits were filed in federal courts between 2012 and 2014. 21 Pradaxa lawsuit claims were consolidated into a Multidistrict Litigation in August 2012 in Illinois. This increased the efficiency of the overall litigation process since MDL allowed plaintiffs to pursue common pretrial procedures.

In 2014, 4000 cases were settled for $650 million. The drugmaker was also required to pay $95 million for improper marketing practices. Boehringer Ingelheim hasn’t disclosed any additional settlements since 2014. Many patients were still not covered in this settlement.

Judge David Herndon issued an order for the closure of all of the remaining federal Pradaxa lawsuits. This was after he dismissed a few remaining claims. However, surviving family members or patients can still seek justice for Birmingham Pradaxa lawsuits. You can file a Pradaxa lawsuit today in Alabama or your local Birmingham court.

Every Pradaxa case is different. Contact our Birmingham Pradaxa lawyers today if you feel you have a viable case. We can help you understand the merits of your Pradaxa case.

Who is Eligible to File a Pradaxa Lawsuit in Birmingham, AL?

You might be eligible for compensation if you weren’t part of the 2014 settlement. You have a right to seek compensation if you’ve been injured or lost a loved one through the use of Pradaxa. You may seek compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of a loved one, and medical bills like surgeries, hospital visits, and rehabilitation.

Persons eligible to file Birmingham Pradaxa lawsuits should have experienced life-threatening strokes, gastrointestinal bleeding, and hemorrhaging caused by taking the drug. Family members of a Pradaxa patient can also file a claim if their loved one passed on due to Pradaxa’s side effects.

Remember, you don’t have long to file your Birmingham Pradaxa lawsuit. Alabama’s statute of limitations for certain personal injuries and product liability claims is two years. If you’ve suffered injuries, you should act fast enough to file an Alabama Pradaxa lawsuit.

How Much Will it Cost to File a Pradaxa Lawsuit?

Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP accepts claims from Alabama residents who’ve suffered severe injuries, damages, and death from the use of Pradaxa. We represent our clients on a contingency basis, implying you don’t have to pay any legal fees upfront. You will only pay for our legal services once we win compensation in your Alabama Pradaxa case.

An attorney filing a Pradaxa lawsuit for a client.

How Can a Lawyer Help a Pradaxa Lawsuit?

Our Birmingham Pradaxa lawyers will review your claim and offer you the best legal option. We will conduct investigations to unearth the causes of your injuries. Our team will also review medical records and identify all liable parties.

Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP will negotiate favorable settlements with the defendant’s insurance adjusters. We will push for the most favorable resolution for your claim. Our lawyers won’t rest until justice is served.

We are ready to represent you in court for your Alabama Pradaxa claim. Our team can argue that the drugmaker committed a breach of warranty by promoting a dangerous drug. We can also argue that the company should have warned consumers and doctors about Pradaxa’s effects since its launch. Contact us today to get started with your Pradaxa lawsuit.

Review Your Claim With Our Attorneys Today

Over the years, many drugs have emerged to have severe side effects that risk patients’ wellbeing. Pradaxa was initially intended to reduce the risk of strokes. However, it was later realized to cause severe side effects, including excessive bleeding.

Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP can offer you legal aid today if you or your loved one has suffered injuries or illnesses caused by Pradaxa. We will give you an honest and objective assessment of your case and discuss the best legal options.

Contact our Birmingham Pradaxa lawyers today to set up a free consultation. We are available 24/7. We have comprehensive experience dealing with defective drugs and personal injury lawsuits in Alabama. Get the justice you deserve today.

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