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Pedestrians walk throughout Birmingham with confidence that they have the right of way. That they can walk through their city without the risk of being hit by a vehicle. However, pedestrian accidents happen every day. The risk of injury and even death is very real.

Unfortunately, in pedestrian accident cases, it’s common for the insurance company involved in claiming that the pedestrian was negligent. In the way of adding salt to open wounds, now you are put on the defense. Insurance companies like to play the blame game, and even your own insurance company may turn on you if there was any lack of insurance.

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, there’s no telling what the damages could be, or how the specifics of the situation. Every situation is truly unique as the statistics of speed, force, location, and survivability are all across the board. Lawyers who take on these cases know that they need a specific level of personalized care from start to finish.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Birmingham is not as hard as you might think. It’s important that you find a lawyer that fits your needs and understands your situation as well as local laws. Birmingham traffic laws and standard areas of legal trouble with car accidents can cause a lot of struggle in a pedestrian accident.

You need a dedicated team that goes beyond what the insurance adjusters think is reasonable. Contact a lawyer who will not only hear out your version of the events, but they actively seek out evidence to support you. Additionally, they should try to resource evidence that paints a clear and complete picture of what happened at the time of the crash.

It’s difficult for anyone to remember events such as a pedestrian accident clearly. That is why is it so important to rely on witnesses and even nearby security cameras that may have caught all or part of the incident.

Common Pedestrian Injuries

Common pedestrian injuries from a car accident include fractures, spinal cord injuries, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), head and back injuries as well as death.

In pedestrian accidents, the pedestrian often not only gets hit by a car but also impacts nearby objects. The person may come into contact with the windshield, hood of the car, or the cement below them. Either way, the force of the car is not the only thing causing injuries; the impact that comes after the initial hit can lead to substantially more damage.

Recovering from these injuries is time-consuming. No one can simply wake up the day after a spinal cord injury and carry on with their daily lives. If you were part of a pedestrian crash, it’s likely that you have a substantial amount of pain and suffering to seek out in compensation.

These injuries aren’t the extent of pedestrian accidents. Some pedestrians die either at the scene or shortly after. Being hit by a moving vehicle is a serious situation, and the force of impact can end a life immediately. In these instances, the family is often left with a lot of legal questions on how to handle the matter. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer as soon as you and your family feel comfortable.

Arial view on a pedestrian crossing.

How to Deal with Insurance Companies for a Pedestrian Accident

The most common defense that an insurance company will take in a pedestrian accident is that the person walking was in the wrong. As mentioned before, most pedestrians feel like they have the law on their side, that they have the right of way. That’s not always true, and insurance companies will go to extremes to make mild issues seem like giant legal decisions.

Pedestrian accidents don’t always happen when the person walking didn’t have the right of way. Except in a few instances,s pedestrians are almost always protected in Alabama.

Pedestrians must obey traffic control devices such as crosswalk lights and stop lights. Additionally, they must follow the direction of a policeperson or traffic control director. If a crosswalk is present, they must use it, and if a sidewalk is present, they should use it.

The issue is that saying that you should do something, or you need to use devices that aren’t always available makes it seem like pedestrians are freely walking among cars waiting for an accident.

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Any victim of a pedestrian accident is likely to be inf or a long recovery period. A lawyer should help you through the legal part of that recovery with the understanding that you’re trying to fix everything else in your life. It’s likely that you sustained extensive damages and may have even lost very important aspects of your, such as a limb or the ability to keep your career.

Pedestrian accidents cost lives nearly every day, and you need someone willing to stand up for you in these cases. While it might at first seem cut and dry that someone hit you with their vehicle, insurance companies are quick to assign partial or in some cases total fault to the pedestrian.

The struggle often isn’t between you and the driver of the vehicle. It’s a race to get compensation before you fall so behind on bills and into debt with medical costs that you can’t recover financially as well. Many people don’t have the chance to properly focus on their physical and emotional recovery because of the stress that comes in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident.

When you are ready to seek full compensation for your injuries or the loss of a loved one, contact a lawyer. The law offices of Hare, Wynn, Newell, and Newton help victims of pedestrian accidents. It’s vital that you speak with someone who will hear out your side of the case and put you as their priority.

Contact Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP now for a free consultation. During the free consultation, you can go over the details of your case and elaborate on any evidence you collected from the crash scene. When pedestrian accidents happen, it’s common for the injured pedestrian to feel like they have nowhere to turn. A free consultation can be a huge relief in understanding your legal options.

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