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It seems as if there are new drugs entering the market every day. This means there is a greater chance that you could be prescribed the wrong medication. People get hurt and even die as a result of medication errors. Whether the error causes an adverse reaction or a dangerous interaction with other drugs, the danger can be high. In Birmingham, medication error lawyers work hard to make sure their clients get justice.

When you visit or doctor or go to the hospital, you expect to feel better. The last thing you expect is to be given the wrong medication. Some people are allergic to certain drugs. Other patients are already on medications that simply can’t be mixed with other drugs. When a doctor or pharmacist makes a medication error, you could get sick or even die.

Who is at Fault for my Medication Error Claim?

Birmingham medication error attorneys will pursue the people responsible for your injuries. This could be your doctor or even a pharmacist. There are different ways in which you can receive the wrong prescription. Some of these include:

  • Prescriptions that are written incorrectly or are hard to understand
  • Mixing up two similar medications
  • Giving the wrong dose
  • Incorrect or unclear packaging and labels
  • Lack of instructions
  • Giving the wrong medication

If you or your loved one are injured due to a medication error, you need to call a medication error lawyer in Birmingham. He or she will go after the people responsible for your injuries and get you the compensation you deserve.

Why Do Medication Errors Occur?

Almost all medication errors are due to negligence. No doctor or pharmacist intentionally prescribes the wrong medication. They could be under-trained or overworked. Or, they just make a simple mistake. They are human after all.

Human or not, medical professionals and pharmacists are held to a certain standard. When a medical professional makes mistakes, people can die. Here are a few tips to help prevent you from being harmed by a medication error:

  • Always read your discharge instructions. Make notes and ask questions.
  • Ask the pharmacist what drugs they’re dispensing. Make sure the label has instructions and warnings.
  • Ask the doctor if the new prescription can negatively interact with medications you’re already on.
  • Check the name on the prescription. You’d be surprised how often pharmacy techs and cashiers give customers the wrong package.
  • Check the dosage you have been given and make sure it matches the prescription.

As careful as you can be, your doctor has a duty to prescribe you medication that is safe. He or she also has a duty to warn you of any side effects or dangers associated with the medication.

Medication errors are simply mistakes made by doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists when it comes to ordering and dispensing with medications. You may wonder how these types of errors occur. Some of the causes include:

The wrong prescription is ordered

The doctor may order the wrong medication. Or, the office manager types the wrong medication onto the prescription. There are so many medications that have similar names, mistakes can be made. Or, the doctor orders the wrong dosage or count. For example, your doctor may prescribe 10 mg per day of a medication that you’re supposed to take at 5 mg per day. A difference like this can be deadly.

The pharmacist makes a dispensing mistake

The pharmacist is required to double-check prescriptions before giving them to a patient. This means that they should look to see what other medications you’re taking, check the dosage, and confirm the right medication in the right dosage is given to you. They should have a record of your medication history in their computer system. The program will let them know of any dangerous interactions between the two drugs. The pharmacist should also double-check the dosage and instructions. For example, if you’ve prescribed a pain medication three times a day, the pharmacist needs to make sure it reads that way. If it says take five times a day, he or she needs to call the doctor and clarify.

You could be given the wrong prescription

When you go to the pharmacy, you’ll give your prescription to the pharmacy tech. Or, they may get it via facsimile from the doctor’s office. He or she will fill the prescription and double-check the count. They will then give the bottle to the pharmacist who will double-check the medication again and also count the prescription again and triple check the dosage. The bottle is then placed in a bag with typed instructions and warnings. When you go to pick up your prescription, always double-check. Make sure your name is on the bottle and the medication looks familiar. If you have any questions, ask the pharmacist. Don’t go home and assume you have the right medication.

Any or all of these can constitute medical malpractice. If this is the case, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you are hurt by a medication error, you need to call a medication error lawyer in Birmingham.

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Medication errors can be very dangerous. They can even be deadly. If you or your loved one are injured by a medication error, you need help. Contact a medication error attorney at Hare, Wynn, Newell and Newton, LLP in Birmingham for a free consultation.

You can sit down with an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle these types of cases. He or she can review your case and let you know what it may be worth and can also let you know which parties you need to pursue.

When you go to your first meeting with your Birmingham personal injury attorney, make sure to bring the following:

  • Copies of your discharge instructions if you have any
  • A copy of the prescription bottle and any remaining medication
  • Copies of the instructions provided at the pharmacy
  • An update and timeline of your case thus far

Call and schedule your free initial consultation today. You don’t want to handle something like this yourself. Your doctor and the pharmacist have insurance. Their insurance companies will have an entire team of lawyers working for them. You want to have an experienced and skilled medication error lawyer by your side too.

The consultation is absolutely free and you pay nothing until you win your case.

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