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People injured on or near construction sites may be entitled to recoveries paid by the construction company responsible for maintaining a safe environment. It is not uncommon for said construction companies or parent organizations to resist any such claims for damages, requiring the injured party to pursue a settlement or verdict.

If you have found yourself in such a situation and do not know where to turn, we can help. Our Birmingham, Alabama personal injury attorneys have years of experience in representing victims of construction site injuries.

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With centuries of collective legal experience, focused on pursuing justice for the wrongfully injured, Hare|Wynn Newell & Newton is known as a leading firm in personal injury litigation across the country. While we prefer to collect recoveries for our clients as soon as possible, we will pursue a trial if necessary. We have obtained billions – that’s BILLION with a B! – of dollars in judgments for victims injured through no fault of their own. Call our office today for a risk-free case review with one of our experienced Birmingham construction accident attorneys.

Filing Injury Claims for Construction Workers

A construction site can include cluttered debris, heavy equipment, unfinished stairwells, exposed or ungrounded electrical wiring and a variety of other dangers. Due to the hazardous nature of a construction site, most injuries that occur there actually afflict construction workers.

In 2017, 18 construction workers died on the job, accounting for over 20% of the fatal workplace events recorded in Alabama for the year. This number is staggering when you consider that it means a construction worker died of a workplace-related injury every 3 weeks.

Compounding the issue, employers may discourage their employees from seeking compensation for their injuries.

After a construction accident, a worker attends to an unconscious co-worker.

Our personal injury attorneys in Birmingham are here to set the record straight. If you were hurt in a construction accident while employed as a construction worker, you may still seek full and fair compensation through an injury claim filed against your employer. This should be your first consideration if you suspect employer negligence played a role in your accident and injury.

To help prevent accidents, construction companies are required to implement safety measures, like:

  • Providing employees with proper and functioning safety gear
  • Training workers in the safe handling of equipment
  • Creating barriers around busy zones to keep pedestrians or vehicles from endangering workers
  • Keeping medical supplies on-site for emergencies
  • Storing and disposing of hazardous chemicals responsibly
  • Conducting routine safety checks and equipment maintenance

A failure from your employer to create a safe work environment can be seen as professional negligence. If proven, liability for your injuries can be placed upon the parent company.

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Our roots as a trusted personal injury law firm are deep at Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, which was first founded in 1890. We hold tight to our legacy of providing genuine and compassionate client service backed by unmatched legal expertise.

When you or someone you love is hurt in a construction accident, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our Alabama construction accident attorneys for legal representation. You have the right to fair compensation and we have the means to fight for it.

You risk nothing in doing so; we provide a free consultation and don’t get paid until your settlement is received. Don’t waste another minute, call Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton today to get the best representation on your side.

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