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A Birmingham bus accident lawyer can help you know what you’re going to be up against in your case. Insurance companies are hardly likely to settle on these cases and will often take them to trial or mediation. For you, that means that while you’re recovering from your injuries, you also have to struggle with insecurity when it comes to your financial situation.

Getting in a crash with a bus can take a toll on any victim mentally, physically, and financially. Most people don’t realize how busses interact with all the other drivers on the road. Not only do they abide by different expectations of safety, but they often have the city or a private tour company backing them up in their defense.

A city bus or bus transit company is likely to have a strong legal team and know how to argue their case. You need a lawyer on your side that can depict a realistic image of what happened during your crash. Bus drivers often get complacent as they drive the busy streets of Birmingham every day for hours on end.

Don’t let the city of Birmingham or a private bus company push you around. When it comes to receiving full compensation, you need legal help. Don’t take a settlement, and don’t take the first offer that an insurance company makes. It can make it difficult to receive any compensation afterward even if it’s deserved.

If you were hurt in a bus accident or lost a loved one due to a bus crash, you need to pursue the full amount of compensation owed. Not only do you need help recovering from medical costs, funeral expenses, or rehabilitation, but you have various aspects of suffering to carry with you too. These cases are always troublesome for everyone involved, and it can often feel like the victim doesn’t have someone fighting for their side.

Pain and Suffering When Injured In A Bus Accident

After a bus crash, you can take on a wide variety of injuries. Most common are broken bones, sprains, neck and back damage, and even traumatic brain injury or TBI. While it’s difficult for anyone in the crash, it’s critical that you show how your position in the accident impacted your injuries and may have resulted in furthered anxiety.

Passengers on the bus will often have different injuries than the person in the other vehicle. Additionally, there are limited safety precautions while on a bus, and issues such as luggage or bags can make the immediate environment more dangers. Loose items, seat railings, and nearby people can significantly contribute to the injuries from a bus crash.

As the other driver, another victim of the bus crash, the injuries will often include neck and back injuries. While they have safety measures in place such as wearing a seatbelt, it’s likely that they collided with the bus at significantly different speeds making the impact more severe in their close quarters.

When it comes to calculating pain and suffering, the same aspects are reviewed regardless of where you were when the injury took place. But, some factors can play a role such as traumatic stress from driving again or being unable to use public transit again.

Anxiety plays a role in calculating pain and suffering. These calculations are not always so cut and dry, which is why it’s important to involve an attorney. A good Birmingham bus accident lawyer can help you assess your pain, including medical bills and suffering such as anxiety and financial loss form the crash.

Bus Operations and Bus Companies with Accidents

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School buses, city buses, and tour buses get into accidents every day. Sometimes they are simple property damage accidents that result in injuries for the passengers. Other times the accidents involve one or many other vehicles and result in major catastrophes.

When it comes to bus operations, these drivers are held to a higher standard of safety. They must not only show a duty of care, but they should proactively assess changing road conditions to act in a manner that is safest for their passengers and others on the road. Buses make frequent stops and take up a substantial amount of lane space, increasing the likelihood of severe accidents.

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You need an attorney that understands how to prove negligence. It’s not common that bus companies will open up to guilt without a fight. That means that it’s on the victim to obtain evidence and put together a compelling case that shows the driver was clearly at fault.

In Alabama, it’s not quite as easy proving some level of negligence either. A lawyer will also work to show that you did not contribute to negligence in any way. For example, a bus pulling out of a station without proper signaling and at an unreasonable speed is negligent. But the city of Birmingham will often say that any driver should have seen the bus pulling out and stopped. That’s not a reasonable expectation, but it won’t stop them from trying.

Accidents involving buses hardly ever involve one victim either. You may be one voice among twenty or even thirty that has problems and is seeking compensation. It’s not reasonable that you, as a victim in another vehicle, will be their primary focus. Busses will often try to resolve outstanding issues with their passengers before resolving problems with the other driver.

If you were hurt in a bus crash, whether you were driving another vehicle, walking down the road, or a passenger on the bus, you need legal help. Recovering from injuries is a full-time job, and it’s vital that you put your focus on getting better. Allow an attorney to take care of some of the struggles your facing so you can physically and emotionally recover.

Reach out to the lawyers at Hare, Wynn, Newell, and Newton for help with your accident. Working with an attorney can help you learn more about engaging with the city or private bus company.

A free consultation can guide you through making key decisions in how to proceed with your case. After speaking with a lawyer, you will have a clearer understanding when it comes to your legal options. A Birmingham bus accident lawyer can also explain your chances of success based on the evidence available and your injuries.

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