Birmingham Biomet Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Have you ever heard of the Biomet hip replacements before? If you are unfamiliar with this term, we got you! Numerous hip replacement systems are available; however, you must ensure that you get yourself legit ones. They have become renowned over time, and as a result, you may receive a defective one.

In any case, you encounter such, be sure that we will hold your hand and ensure you get compensated. Since life is full of many possibilities, we should welcome the fact that anyone can end up needing a hip replacement; therefore, this knowledge may come in handy at any point and time. The points that follow show the things that you need to know about a Birmingham Biomet hip replacement lawsuit.

What Are The Negative Side Effects Of Biomet Hip Implants?

We would advise that you look out for some side effects that may prove that the implant was defective after a Biomet hip implant surgery. In any case, your side effects match with the ones we will list down below; you will have to go for revision surgery. Once the components have been removed, ascertain that they are conserved. Afterward, ensure that you contact an attorney since this will serve as proof.

Many people get this surgery performed on them, and it is therefore not a new thing. The only problem is that you pay for those services and will, in return, want to get the value for your money. The adverse side effects include bone fracture, getting an infection, hip pains, dislocation, and leg length alongside many others. Ensure that you contact your doctor if you experience those symptoms before things get worse.

Have Biomet Hip Replacements Been Recalled?

A good number of metal-on-metal hip replacements have been recalled in the past decade as much as they were promising patients a superior replacement option with less pain in the beginning. One of those that have been recalled includes the Biomet M2A-Magnum hip replacement. The Consumer’s Union reported that the hip recalls that were done between 1 November 2002 and 23 July 2013 Biomet had 25 recalls.

The recalls were initiated due to the following: missing components, migration issues, design flaws, and fractured implants, among many others. As a result, many lawsuits were filed to get compensation. Note that these recalls are usually done by the FDA, rarely by the manufacturer. The latter may initiate recalls if they find out that their design was defaulted or did not do what they claim.

Are There Lawsuits Pending Against Biomet Hip Replacements?

Yes, some lawsuits are pending. However, most of the cases were settled, but you may find out that the multidistrict litigation is still active or is in the pre-trial stages. For instance, the Smith & Nephew lawsuit, the multinational medical device maker based in the United Kingdom, was put into a single litigation a few years ago.

It is a manufacturer and has been subjected to numerous lawsuits due to defective hip replacement products, including R3 Acetabular System, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System, and the Birmingham Hip Modular Head. The number of cases that were filed and are pending is on the higher side as of now. They were overseen in the district court in Maryland. Back in 2012, the lawsuits against Biomet’s M2a Magnum were combined into an MDL.

Biomet Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Who Can File A Biomet Hip Replacement Lawsuit In Birmingham?

We would render you fit to have a case for a Biomet hip replacement lawsuit if you have received a Biomet M2a system hip replacement. As much as cases are pending, you should not overlook the idea of addressing the issues you have with an attorney. We are very conversant with that area; therefore, we will guide you through it all. We have the knowledge and skills required; hence, we will get started early enough to avoid running out of the statute of limitations.

Ensure that you do not waste time before starting your Biomet lawsuit. Once you feel like you are not a hundred percent or have complications due to the manufacturer’s defective device, you should reach out to a lawyer. You never know, the deadline could be nearer than you think. The statute limitations tend to vary from one place to the other. You will realize that in several states, the time frame for filing a report is usually one or two years from the time you had complications.

How Much Will It Cost To File A Biomet Hip Implant Lawsuit?

When working with us on contingency terms, you are never required to pay us from your pocket. However, you will give us a share of the compensation you will get from the case; hence, this tends to motivate the injury attorney to go the extra mile in ensuring that the case emerges successful.

How Can A Lawyer Help A Biomet Hip Implant Lawsuit?

When you find out that the Biomet device is defective and anticipate that the manufacturer will take your complaint lightly, you are wrong. We are the ones who will ensure that the manufacturer is held accountable for selling products that are not legitimate. In addition to that, there is no way that you can win that case solely. You will need a boost from a professional. Hiring a hip replacement lawyer who is experienced will undoubtedly do right by you. Therefore, you should choose the lawyers at Hare, Wynn, Newell, & Newton who are experienced in this field if you want a good result.

Review Your Biomet Hip Replacement Lawsuit With Our Attorneys

The above points show detailed information about Biomet hip replacement lawsuits. In any case, you have a loved one who is experiencing the complications above, ensure that they file a hip replacement lawsuit before it is too late. We advise that you study how your body behaves after you have had the revision surgery done to know whether the hip device used was defective or not. Do not disregard any issues you get; look for a defective medical device attorney, and get the justice you deserve.

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