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Jamie started his career as a trial lawyer upon joining Hare Wynn in 2003. Fresh out of Vanderbilt Law School, Jamie began to try cases with many early successes as a young lawyer. Eventually, his practice grew in a variety of areas and clients and lawyers began to call on him to handle more complex cases. During his career, he’s tried everything from month-long aviation accident cases in federal court to shorter personal injury, automobile and bicycle accidents, and fraud and wrongful death actions, in state courts. He enjoys the diversity of law practice and the ability to handle a broad array of cases for people who have been wronged in some way by the privileged and powerful. Some of his cases have involved copyrights, trade secrets, commercial disputes, product failures, employment contract actions, and insurance cases of all types.

Though most cases are settled out of court, Jamie has been recognized twice by the National Law Journal in its prestigious Top 100 List for obtaining verdicts of $37.5 million in 2011, and $40 million in 2013. Both cases were widely reported as record verdicts under the dram shop laws, which hold restaurants and bars accountable when patrons who have been over-served seriously injure or kill innocent people. In 2014, Jamie obtained another record verdict of $4 million against a physician who misdiagnosed a patient with a heart condition, which tragically later ended his life. Medical negligence cases have always been a major focus of his practice, but he has always gone to great lengths to select only those truly egregious and meritorious cases to take to trial. “Medical negligence cases can be extremely difficult for patients to win because the healthcare providers usually have unlimited access to expert witnesses who will line up to come to the aid of their fellow physicians. However, getting the truth across and obtaining a just verdict on behalf of a patient is extraordinarily satisfying—it can truly be a David versus Goliath situation.”

Jamie has given lectures to lawyers in 47 states across the country and spends some portion of his annual time involved in teaching lawyers and representing indigent clients in pro bono matters. In addition, he is a member of several professional organizations whose mission it is to preserve the right to trial by jury and to enrich the lives of the public through the stewardship of our civil justice system.

“I’m deeply committed to the principle of equal justice for all, not just the wealthy and powerful, but also the downtrodden and the disadvantaged. Our courtrooms exist to level this playing field and to see that everyone gets fair justice under the law. The cases we handle make a difference in our communities and improve public safety.”

Outside the office, Jamie sporadically pursues several hobbies, though he doesn’t claim to be proficient at any of them; including, cycling, running, backpacking, sailing, golf, photography and wake-boarding. A couple of years ago, he climbed to the Summit of Mount Rainier in Washington State.



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