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Mike Ermert, Partner and Trial Lawyer

Hare Wynn has worked with countless families in investigating, litigating and trying cases involving personal injury in Alabama and beyond. Hare Wynn and their clients have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and in both national and local print media.  Contact us for your free case evaluation today.

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If you’ve been seriously injured, your life has undoubtedly changed.

You have experienced pain and suffering – and may have also encountered financial difficulty in the form of medical bills and lost wages. If you can’t work, and you can’t afford enormous bills as a result of your injury, how will you manage?

You need just and fair compensation for your injury – which means you need help from Alabama personal injury attorneys who care.

The Alabama injury attorneys at Hare Wynn Newell & Newton understand what you’re going through. We’ve worked with countless people just like you who have been hurt through no fault of their own.

Whether it’s through negligence or recklessness, someone else may be responsible for your injury. We can’t go back and keep the injury from happening, but we can at least fight to give you the compensation you need and deserve.

Personal injury lawyers can help – but only if you find ones who care. Hare Wynn attorneys care, and we treat our clients just like they are our own family. With us, you’re in good hands.

Contact us for a free consultation, and let us help you take the next steps toward getting your life back.


"Hare Wynn lawyers represented me in a car accident case in 2012 where I was struck by a drunk driver. It was great working with these two gentlemen through the case. They were patient, communicative, responsive, professional and knowledgeable about the law leading to a favorable outcome. I very much appreciate their help and would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing an attorney." - Samantha-Anne Horwitch


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