Laboyish “Wayne” Catlin was admitted to Baptist Princeton Hospital on Christmas Day in 2005. Mr. Catlin was diagnosed with a bleeding duodenal ulcer and surgery was performed on the 37-year old patient. Following the surgery, he required several blood transfusions and was released from the medical facility a few days later.

“Unfortunately, Wayne was sent home from sur­gery without proper follow-up care, “ says Hare Wynn attorney, Shay Samples, who handled the wrongful death suit against Baptist Princeton Hospital on behalf of the family of Mr. Catlin. “Due to negli­gent and improper surgery and other flawed medical care by the hospital and doctors, Wayne Catlin died on January 3, 2011.”

According to the autopsy report, the cause of death was “exsanguination in the artery” which is the fatal process of total hypovolemia or blood loss.

On February 11, 2011, after a two week trial and nearly three hours of deliberation a Jefferson County Circuit Court jury ruled unanimously in favor of the plaintiff, returning a $3 million award in the case.

“The jury returned a just verdict for which we are truly appreciative. This death should not have occurred,” said Samples. “Wayne was sent home with an extremely low blood count before he was properly examined by the attending physician and he bled to death. The family has suffered a tragic loss. The medical system failed Wayne miserably.”