James R. Moncus IIITrial Lawyer


Mr. Moncus joined Hare Wynn in 2003 after graduation from Vanderbilt Law School. Since joining the firm, he has dedicated his practice to representing the rights of people and small businesses in civil litigation. He considers himself fortunate to have begun his career trying cases before juries, and he continues to try a number of jury trials each year. He was recognized in 2011 by the National Law Journal for garnering a $37.5 million verdict which made the prestigious Top 100 list nationwide. In 2013, he represented the family of a man killed by a drunk driver in a case that generated a jury verdict in excess of $40 million. Jamie has also tried general negligence cases, bad faith insurance cases, contract cases, medical malpractice cases and aviation cases.

Jamie is deeply committed to the principle of equal justice for all mankind and considers his work on behalf of his clients the highest privilege he could attain. “It is a great responsibility to represent those injured or taken advantage of by the big and powerful corporations in our country, but there is no higher honor than helping those in need, and in standing up for those that are not able to stand up for themselves.”

In addition to trying cases, Jamie also handles all aspects of his client’s cases. He has argued cases in many courts across the country and is dedicated to going wherever his client’s causes take him. He has argued cases in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals all the way to the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York. In addition, he accepts cases on behalf of clients around the country, and has recently been involved in cases in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Outside the office, Jamie enjoys a number of hobbies though he doesn’t claim to be proficient at any of them. These hobbies include cycling, mountain biking, backpacking, photography, running, sailing, golfing, and wake-boarding. A couple of years ago, after extensive training, he managed to reach the summit of Mount Rainier in Washington State.